Monday, September 27, 2010

Rare Beauty

A couple of weeks ago I returned from a CNPS meeting held on the Northern California coast in Fort Bragg. While there we received a tour of the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, This garden occupies woods and coastline in Fort Bragg and is such a beautiful place. Near the coastline they recently cleared an area of invasive non-natives (mostly Ice plant) and let native plants repopulate the area. One of these plants to recolonize was the beautiful and rare Castilleja mendocinensis, Mendocino Coast Indian Paintbrush (list 1B.2).Here is our tour guide and the garden's Natural Areas coordinator, Mario, telling us a little more about the area and what they did. Good conservation work, Mario!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


A group of intrepid treasure hunters went out this month to the El Dorado National Forest and sent back pictures of their rare find. This is Viola tomentosa, the Woolly violet. Good job and thanks for sharing!
Photos by LS Couper - DVM

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Call for Photos

Eriogonum lobbii, Lobb's buckwheat

Hello Treasure Hunters- We want your photos!

If you've been on a Treasure Hunt and want to share your photos with us you could win a prize. We are offering a prize to the best photo from a Treasure Hunt. Photos will be featured on this blog and on our CNPS website to get people excited about the project.

Please email them to Amber at
Thank you and good luck!