Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mojave Excursion

Join us in the Mojave April 7-10. You can come for the full time or meet us in the field.
Here is a work in progress itinerary:

April 7th, Wed 8 am leave from Claremont and take I-15 to Victorville then the 247 to Lucerne Valley areas and look for Cymopterus deserticola, Canbya candida, cymopterus multinervatus. Camp.

April 8th Th-Fr 9th am head north on 247 to Stoddard area then Barstow and east to Daggett, the Newberry Mtns, Minneola and Yermo to look for Mentzelia tridentata, Castela emoryi, Mimulus mohavensis, Phacelia parishii, Eriophyllum mohavense. Camp

April 10th Sat am head west on Hwy 58 and up 395 to Kramer Hills and outside of Edwards Airforce Base. Look for Canbya candida, Eriophyllum mohavense and Cymopterus deserticola and possibly farther north for Phacelia nashiana.

These are the main plants I want to look for, but there will be other rare plants we can keep our eyes out for.

It should be a wonderful trip with experienced botanists who can teach you desert plants and the highlight will of course be finding several rare plants!

For more details and to join us contact Amber at

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