Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prize Winners

Treasure Hunters at Chimineas Ranch, San Luis Obispo County
Here's the short list of the prize winners for the Rare Plant Treasure Hunt. These dedicated volunteers and partner organizations went out searching for rare plants and documented important information on survey forms about their populations. This data included namely location and habitat descriptions along with gps coordinates (usually), a site quality and viability assessment, blooming and fruiting information and population estimates. This isn't as difficult to gather as it sounds, keen observations skills and some good reference materials is all you really need.

Throughout the next few weeks I will be highlighting the project these groups and individuals have done. Stay tuned for that series. But now, without further ado, the winners are...
Individual Winners:
Grand Prize – Duncan Bell, Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire
Most occurrences updated by an individual!

Second Place- Clyde Golden, Intrepid Treasure Hunter
2nd most occurrences updated by an individual!

Third Place – Natalia and Bill Blackburn, Terrific Treasure Hunters
3rd most occurrences updated by an individual(s)!

Chapter Winners:
Grand Chapter Prize- San Gabriel Mountains Chapter
Chapter with the most hours and occurrences updated!

Second Place Chapter Prize-San Diego Chapter
Chapter with the 2nd most occurrences updated and volunteer hours!

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS with the most occurrences:

George Butterworth, Department of Fish and Game-most occurrences updated!

Karen Cotter and volunteers, Santa Clara County Parks-2nd most occurrences updated!

Tanya Chapple and interns from the Mid Klamath Watershed Council

Tarja Sagar and interns, Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area, National Park Service
Michael Chasse and volunteers at the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, National Park Service
Clyde Golden, Most prompt form submitter-Thank you for getting your forms in so quickly!
Millie Nielson, 4 years old, of Nevada - Youngest Treasure Hunter

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