Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Trips

We have a few more trips on the horizon we'd like you to join. These are mostly mid-week trips, so not everyone will be able to join, but if it's your spring break, you're retired or you have time off then awesome! On Friday, April 15th Come see the Maturango Museum Wildflowershow in conjunction with the CNPS Creosote Ring subchapter, then survey with us nearby. We will most likely be going to the El Paso and Rand Mountains. Celebrate California Native Plant Week with a trip: Tuesday-Wednesday, April 19th-20th we will be surveying for Penstemon albomarginatus, the very rare White margin Penstemon among other plants along Route 66! This will be an overnight camping trip. Thursday, April 21st- Collecting for the Rancho Santa Ana Botanica Garden Wildflower Show from Yermo down to the Newberry, Rodman and Ord Mountains, just east and southeast of Barstow. This should be a lot of fun! And on Saturday, April 30th we are having a joint trip with the Sierra Club to the Juniper Flats/Ord Mountains area outside of Victorville. Join us! RSVP to for details. Above: Eriophyllum wallacei, Woolly daisy. Not rare but a relative of the rare Barstow woolly daisy.

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