Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not To Be Missed

The Rare Plant Treasure Hunts in the desert will be winding down soon, but we still have a couple more trips. This weekend Duncan Bell is taking volunteers into the Southern Mojave and for Memorial day weekend we are planning a trip to the Desert Mountains of the Eastern Mojave.

Penstemon utahensis, a rare gem

We were just in the Eastern Mojave and it is beautiful in the high elevations right now (and the weather is pretty good too). Come join us as we explore the Kingston and Clark Mtns and Maybe the Avawatz Mtns and Ivanpah valley area. We will be looking for three types of Penstemon, a wild onion and several cacti among other things.

You must RSVP for these trips so email us at treasurehunt@cnps.org to hold your spot. You can come for all or part of the trip. According to demand the end of May hunt will go from Friday the 27th to Sunday the 29th or Saturday the 28th to Monday the 30th.

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