Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Awards and Honorable Mentions

Volunteer Hour Award
The award for most volunteer hours completed goes to both Jane Tirrell for 491 hours and Walt Fidler for 394 hours. These San Gabriel Chapter members visited the Lily Springs study site almost weekly throughout the season.

Honorable Mentions:

The East Bay Chapter put a twist on the Rare Plant Treasure Hunt with their Adopt-a-Rare-Plant Program. In this program’s first year, over thirty volunteers committed to surveying for certain rare plants throughout the East Bay Chapter’s area. Data are still coming in from East Bay, and we are excited to see their results!

Partner Recognition Awards:
Our partner, George Butterworth, working for the DFG, George submitted over 20 survey forms for rare plants in the Carrizo Plain.

And the Desert Survivors Club. Members of the club helped organize, lead and participate in several treasure hunts in the Mojave Desert, many of them traveling from the Sacramento and the East Bay! 

Thank you all for your dedication!

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