Thursday, August 18, 2011

Field Trip!

Not many people venture out to the desert in early fall, but it can be a great place to be. I was just out in the Eastern Mojave last week and it was wonderful, warm not hot with a nice breeze and things were blooming! So lets go on a trip...

The Chemeheuvi Mtns got a lot of rain in July and things should be really blooming at the end of August beginning of September. Join us for 1-3 days (September 1st-3rd). We will be doing moderate to possibly strenuous hiking in up to 100 degree weather (probably not that hot though)! But it will be worth it, we'll be exploring a very underexplored area, looking for rare plants and collecting plant specimens. One night will be camping and the other probably at a motel in Needles. This will be the ultimate desert field trip!

We'll meet at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont, CA 1500 N. College Ave. on Thursday, September 1st at 7:45 and leave at 8am for the east or you can meet us along the way. Please RSVP to

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