Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Intrepid explorer

Just a quick post to thank our intern from this spring, Duncan Bell. Duncan is an intrepid explorer, enthusiastic advocate of the desert and a talented botanist. He just has a knack for finding things: rare plants, wild animals, etc.

Not only did he help lead trips, document rare plants, collect and identify specimens, and educate people about California's deserts he also managed in his words, "not falling to my death, not being mauled by bobcats, or bitten by the 30 something rattlesnakes we came across, not getting the field vehicle stuck (even though we tried a few times), only losing one tent to the weather, having no volunteers perish, keeping my beer relatively cold most of the time (yay!), not getting lost (even though I had no clue were I was at any given time (somewhere in the desert, right?)) and I guess I finding a couple of really cool plants."

Thanks Duncan for all you did and didn't do! The year wouldn't have been the same without you.One of Duncan's finds, Tetradymia argyraea (Striped horsebrush), rank 4.3, Photo by Duncan himself. The photo at the top is Duncan chatting with a Nolina plant (Beargrass), taken by Amanda Bell.

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