Friday, October 28, 2011

A Fond Farewell

My time with the Treasure Hunt will come to an end this month! I am setting off on new adventures and won't be continuing with the project next year. The last two years as the Coordinator of the Rare Plant Treasure Hunt desert project has been amazing. I've been able to see many rare plants that few people get to see and go to remote and lovely places that not enough people visit. When I started this job I had absolutely no idea, no idea, how beautiful and diverse the Mojave and Colorado deserts of California could be. From the sand dunes, to the rocky mountain ridges from the West desert to the East desert there are so many different habitats and microhabitats where native plants(and animals) have made their homes. And I really believe these areas and their inhabitants need to be protected and preserved. They are depending on us for their lives and we need them too. They enrich our lives in many ways; some ways I'm sure we don't even know of yet.

Besides seeing amazing things, I've gotten to spend time with and work with great people from all over California and Nevada. I've learned so much from them and have enjoyed getting to know them. And don't think just because I won't be working for CNPS anymore that I won't still be going out into the field. I already have some trips planned for next year with my treasure hunt friends (I just won't have to be in charge)!

A big THANK YOU to all that have made this project a wonderful endeavor!

Here are a few of my favorite photos!

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