Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Proboscidea althaeifolia, rank 4.3, Devil's Claw or Unicorn Plant. This plant was gorgeous and showy making you wonder why they would call it Devil's Claw, but the seed pods have long "claws."

Just got back from a Treasure Hunt in Rice Valley in the Northern Colorado desert, really almost the Mojave desert. Fall is a great time to visit the desert. The weather was lovely in the high 70's/low 80's with a slight breeze and flowers were blooming after a rain that had come through a few weeks earlier. Fitting for the Halloween season we found 3 spooky rare plants: Devil's Claw, Snake-bush and Foxtail cactus. Actually they weren't too spooky, but rather lovely. This area still continues to have a display despite the droughts it has experienced and the destruction of large swaths of land by off-road vehicle use.

Getting up close and personal with the rare plants.

Coryphantha alversonii, rank 4.3, Foxtail cactus. Still hanging on although the area has been ravaged by Off- roaders and target shooters.

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